brushworks HD Complexion and Contouring Set

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Become a contour and highlight expert with the brushworks HD Complexion and Contouring Set; a three-piece sponge collection that assists in the flawless application of foundation and other base makeup. Each latex-free sponge arrives in a unique shape, which allows it to perform a specific task; from blending concealer around the eyes to applying liquid foundation. Expect a professional-looking, airbrushed finish. 100% Cruelty-free. Vegan friendly. The Set Contains: Complexion Sponge Achieve a flawless base with the Complexion Sponge; an expert tool for blending makeup. The latex-free sponge is effective with both liquid and powder products, simply dab across the face to blend makeup and reveal a seamless, natural-looking finish. The large surface can also be used to pat powder onto the face to reduce the appearance of shine. Tear Drop Sponge Experience an airbrushed finish with the Tear Drop Sponge. The larger areas of the sponge can be used to apply and blend liquid and cream foundation, whilst the pointed top of the applicator is ideal for navigating the contours of the face, such as the nose and eyes. The precision tip is able to target fine lines and creases to prevent a cakey appearance. Micro Sponge The Micro Sponge is the perfect tool for creating precise details with makeup. Its small surface area can be used to seamlessly blend contour product, in order to carve and define enviable cheekbones. The micro sponge’s small design also makes it perfect for applying and blending product at the contours of the face, such as concealing the under-eye area or applying foundation around the nose.