Revolution Beauty Revolution Pro 160 Angled Flat Brush

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Fabrikant: Revolution Beauty 
EAN-code: 5057566052467 
Categorie: make-up kwasten, make-up penselen 

The Revolution Pro 160 Angled Flat Brush creates shape and structure for seamless, professional-looking results. Equipped with densely-packed angled bristles, the vegan flat angle brush is perfect for lining and defining your eyes or filling your eyebrows with ultimate ease and precision. The slanted brush head glides swiftly across the skin without tugging or dragging at your lids, ensuring smooth and stress-free application with every use. Lending itself to cream, liquid and powder-based formulas, this versatile makeup brush can also be used to apply pomades and gel liners, making it a true must-have in your cosmetic collection. The brush itself showcases a sleek white handle to maximise control, and a monochrome ferrule to promote a durable, long-lasting finish. Silky-soft bristles allow product to soar across the complexion, finished in a black and grey gradient effect for a polished, elegant touch. Vegan and cruelty-free.

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