So Eco Eye Kit

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Create an endless array of natural, colourful or daring eye makeup looks with the So Eco Eye Kit; a five-piece collection of planet-friendly makeup brushes and tools realised using eco-friendly sources and materials. Conveniently housed in a brush wrap made from unbleached natural cotton, the set combines the essentials in eye-makeup paraphernalia for achieving even, precise and flawless looks. Eco-friendly. Cruelty free. Vegan and vegetarian-friendly. 100% responsibly and ethically sourced. The Set Contains: Fine Liner Brush Perfect for drawing thin, defined lines, cat-eyes and wings with gel eyeliner, the tapered narrow brush-head offers precision control thanks to its extra fine yet firm bristles. Designed for effortless, even application, this essential brush will allow you to perfect a smokey eye or a bold, dramatic look. Large Eye Shading Brush Hand shaped and hand cut, the large brush boasts a dense brush head with short bristles that are ideal for laying down a base eyeshadow and packing colour onto the lid, whilst providing even distribution. Expect intense colour pay off and flawless blending. Also ideal for concealer application beneath the brow bones and under the eyes. Small Eye Shading Brush A smaller version of the Large Eye Shading Brush with a scaled down brush head for precision that allows for blending, shading and defining in tighter spaces and building drama along the eyelid folds. The multifunctional brush can also be used for spot-concealing and lipstick application. Flat Eyeliner Brush Essential for applying shadow base, the short bristles not only provide precision and control when applying gel eyeliners, but can also be used for shading, highlighting and blending for a muted, smokey look without harsh lines. Lash & Brow Comb An essential, 2-in-1 grooming tool designed to gently brush and shape eyebrows, blend in brow colour and separate lashes. The tight, natural bristles of the brow definer further blends and buffs product for an even finish, while the lash comb’s fine teeth are designed to separate lashes to prevent clumping of mascara.

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